Tite rejected offers from Real Madrid and PSG

What prevented

Tite, the Brazillian international manager has openly stated that there was a time when European giants like Real Madrid and PSG approached him but he turned them down.

Brazil was under his management since 2016 and the country has been working like a charm till now. Tite has been a manager for over 30 years and his reputation speaks for itself.

Offer from Paris

Paris Saint-Germain was disappointed with Unai Emery’s tactics for long enough when they decided to sack him in 2018. Shortly before the World Cup, Parisians offered a proposal to Tite but the Brazillian wasn’t interested.

“There was another club that wanted to talk to me and I said no: PSG. They wanted to talk to me and I said I won’t; I don’t want to and I won’t and I don’t want to open up the possibility of something else. I want to be focused on my work. After is another story.”

he told reporters.

As a result, Paris Saint-Germain settled for Thomas Tuchel who led the team to a Champions League final against the Bavarian giants Bayern Munich. Tite was strictly committed to national duty which was why he didn’t prefer seeing himself in Europe.

Tite rejected Real Madrid

Who would be crazy enough to turn down an opportunity to win the Champions League? Tite didn’t want to manage the 35-time La Liga winners for the same reason for turning down PSG. His focus was mainly on winning a World Cup with Brazil and hence booked a ticket to Russia.

“I received offers from Real Madrid, PSG, and Sporting. But I didn’t want that. I want to win the World Cup. After the World Cup, I will decide my future,”

Tite told reporters ahead of the 2018 World Cup.

Tite led Brazil to a World Cup quarter-finals but unfortunately lost the semi-final spot to Belgium who was one of the favorites to clinch the golden trophy.

Tite’s current situation

Brazil is looking to be a strong contender for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The 5-time World Champions are currently on a 32-match unbeaten streak which looks quite promising.

Tite is only interested in managing Brazil to win the World Cup and his position would entirely depend upon how the campaign goes for the 61-year-old. Whatever happens after that, one can only wait and watch.

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