UEFA Conference League: All You Need To Know About It

UEFA Conference League : The new league taking birth

UEFA Conference League is trending on the internet world nowadays.

On September 2018, it was decided that there would be a lower European competition known as “UEFA Europa League 2”. Later in September 2019, the name was changed to its new name.

However, a total number of 184 teams would compete straight forward for equipping a position in the group stages of this new conceptual tournament. Let’s have a look at how it all works!

UEFA Conference League

The Current Format Of European Football

Currently, in Europe, there are only two main Inter-Country Football Competitions, namely the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. 32 teams are present in the former whereas the latter comprises a competition between 48 teams.

In the Champions League, the top clubs get an opportunity to face each other and there are 8 group winners and 8 runner-ups moving to the Round of 16.

However, the 8 teams finishing third would get a chance to compete in the Europa League. In this league, there are 12 groups and hence 12 group winners and 12 runner-ups move to the Round of 32. Here, they play against the 8 teams from CL.

However, the main issue was with the teams finishing third in their respective groups in the Europa League.

They cannot compete in any other major competition as they will have to again acquire qualification by either winning all the qualifiers or else, if they come from Europe’s top 5 countries, they can directly qualify.

New, Proposed Structure Of UEFA Conference League

Instead of the normal 48, there would be only 32 teams in the Europa League. Hence, the 8 teams finishing third in their CL groups, will face the 8 runner-ups of groups in EL.

Then, the winners among them will face the 8 group winners of Europa League. Finally, here’s something good for the third placed clubs in the UEFA Europa League.

Qualification for the new competition
Source : Fiago YouTube video

The third placed clubs face the Conference League Knockout playoffs where they will play the 8 group runner-ups of the new league. The group winners will then face the 8 winners from the Knockout playoffs in the Round of 16!

However, the third placed teams in the group stages of this league would have no further play in the Europe. The Europa league and Champions League qualifiers losers could also participate for the newly proposed competition.

However, this new format would surely help the low-ranked teams in developing new talents and to get more playing time in Europe against the beat teams!

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