Do the Mariners need a proper backup for Asish Rai?

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Asish Rai has been a key figure in Mohun Bagan Mariners’ defensive setup, displaying exceptional skills and consistency as a right-back. In this article, we examine the necessity of having a proper backup for Rai in the team. We delve into the potential consequences of not having a reliable replacement for this crucial position and highlight the advantages of securing a competent backup. Join us as we explore the significance of depth in the right-back role. Do the Mariners need a proper backup? Explore Here.

Do the Mariners need a proper backup: The Implications of Not Having a Suitable Backup

Without a competent backup for Asish Rai, Mohun Bagan Mariners face several potential implications. Injuries, suspensions, or fatigue can leave the team vulnerable on the right side of the defense, disrupting the overall balance and defensive solidity. The absence of a reliable replacement may also limit tactical flexibility, forcing the team to rely heavily on Rai without adequate rest or cover in demanding fixture schedules.

The Advantages of Securing a Competent Backup

Besides, Securing a competent backup for Asish Rai offers numerous advantages to Mohun Bagan Mariners. Firstly, it ensures seamless continuity in defensive performances when Rai is unavailable. A capable backup can replicate Rai’s defensive qualities and contribute effectively to the team’s overall strategy. Additionally, healthy competition for the right-back position can motivate both players to continuously improve, enhancing the team’s overall defensive strength.


Finally, Mohun Bagan Mariners would benefit from having a proper backup for Asish Rai in their squad. Not having a reliable replacement can expose the team to various risks, including defensive vulnerabilities and limited tactical options. On the other hand, securing a competent backup offers advantages such as maintaining defensive stability and fostering healthy competition. The addition of a capable right-back would ensure depth and provide the Mariners with a strong defensive foundation.

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