I-League: Rajasthan United to play 2023-24 home matches in home state


Rajasthan United has exciting news for the 2023-24 I-League season. Moreover, the popular football club will host home matches in their home state, bringing action and excitement to passionate fans. Additionally, this move is expected to boost football’s popularity in Rajasthan.

A Homecoming for Rajasthan United

Rajasthan United has made a bold decision to return to their roots after spending the previous seasons playing their home matches in different cities. Moreover, the club’s management believes that hosting matches in their home state will not only create a stronger bond with the fans but also attract a larger audience, including potential sponsors and investors.

Boosting the Local Football Scene

The club opted for Rajasthan as their home ground to promote grassroots football and inspire young talent. Additionally, this decision paves a path for future players to join Rajasthan United. Moreover, hosting professional football in local stadiums will likely boost participation in academies and leagues. Consequently, this can motivate more children and teenagers to embrace the sport.

Stadium Upgrades and Infrastructure Development

Rajasthan United aims to upgrade stadiums and develop infrastructure for a seamless transition and world-class experience for players and spectators. Talks with the government and local authorities are ongoing to enhance stadium facilities. Upgrades will include seating, player facilities, security measures, and other amenities, all aimed at improving the matchday experience.

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Creating a Fan Culture

Rajasthan United, with a dedicated fan base, will strengthen the bond with supporters by playing home matches in their home state. Moreover, they aim to create a vibrant fan culture through local involvement, fan events, and fan zones. By doing so, they will increase engagement and allow fans to connect with players and actively participate in the club’s journey.

Furthermore, by hosting home matches in their home state for the 2023-24 I-League season, Rajasthan United aims to promote football in Rajasthan. Additionally, they seek to inspire young talent and create a passionate fan base. This strategic move will not only positively impact football in Rajasthan but also contribute to its growth.

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