Leon Augustine to Roundglass Punjab FC:- A great addition to the squad.

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Roundglass Punjab FC has made a significant addition to their squad with the signing of Leon Augustine. In this article, we delve into the importance of Augustine’s arrival and examine the positive impact he brings to Roundglass Punjab FC. Discover how his inclusion strengthens the team and bolsters their chances for success. Let’s explore Leon Augustine to Roundglass Punjab FC:- A great addition to the squad.

Leon Augustine: Dynamic Wing Play and Versatility

Leon Augustine’s addition to Roundglass Punjab FC provides a dynamic presence on the wings. And also, enhances the team’s versatility in attack. Besides being Known for his speed, agility, and excellent dribbling skills, Augustine brings a threat to opposing defenses with his ability to take on defenders and create scoring opportunities.

Surprisingly, his versatility allows him to play on either flank, providing options for Roundglass Punjab FC’s attacking formations. Augustine’s ability to deliver accurate crosses and provide key assists adds an extra dimension to the team’s attacking prowess. And making him a valuable asset in their quest for goals.

Youthful Energy and Potential

With his young age and promising potential, Leon Augustine injects youthful energy into Roundglass Punjab FC’s squad. His hunger to make an impact. Also, proving himself at the highest level of Indian football motivates him to continuously improve. Also, contribute to the team’s success.

Augustine’s presence in the squad adds competition for places and pushes other players to raise their game. His eagerness to learn and develop further under the guidance of experienced teammates. Also, the coaching staff bodes well for his growth as a player and his ability to make a positive impact on Roundglass Punjab FC.


In fact, The signing of Leon Augustine by Roundglass Punjab FC marks a significant addition to their squad. With his dynamic wing play, versatility, and youthful energy. Besides, potential, Augustine strengthens the team’s attacking options and injects enthusiasm into their gameplay. Roundglass Punjab FC can rely on his skills and determination as they strive for success in the upcoming season.

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