Paredes is spared punishment after apologising in time

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On Tuesday, a report revealed that the Argentine midfielder Paredes returned from Monday’s session clearly agitated. He later got into a furious dispute with his manager about an alleged lack of game time. Despite Paredes apparently refusing to practise after lunch, casting doubt on his future at Juventus. Allegri played down tensions during Wednesday’s press conference.

Max Allegri opens up on ‘heated locker room arguements’

“On Easter Monday we also ate well. We had a chat with him,” the Italian tactician told reporters. “I understand that a player who plays less is a bit nervous. The important thing is that everyone is concentrated. When I make choices, even if I’m wrong, I do them according to the team. I’m glad he had this reaction because it means he wants to do well in the last two months.”

Paredes had a heated arguement with Max Allegri over game time

As we reported yesterday, Leandro Paredes got into trouble after disrupting the atmosphere at Juventus on Easter Monday. The Argentine, who has recently been upset with his lack of playing time, vented his rage in the locker room during Monday’s open training session, prompting a heated exchange with Juventus manager Max Allegri.
After that, the 28-year-old skipped the team’s Easter lunch, which included all of the other players and their families. However, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Paredes escaped sanctions by apologising to his manager and colleagues on time.
As a result, the club will not penalise or suspend the World Cup winner. As he is a vital part of the squad that plays Sporting on Thursday in the first leg of the Europa League quarter-final.

Paredes is a hothead, as evidenced by some of his on-field antics, so it’s not surprising to see him respond in this fashion to his unfavourable situation at Juventus. Because no serious harm has been done, a simple warning would be adequate this time. If the player fails to keep his cool on another occasion, the club will have to deal with the problem more harshly in order to keep order in the dressing room.

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