Sheffield Manager praises Newcastle and Eddie Howe before their match

Sheffield faces Newcastle United on April 27. Chris Wilder, Sheffield United manager, has spoken to the press before the match. However, if Sheffield loses against Newcastle, they will be sure to get relegated.

Chris Wilder press conference ahead of facing Newcastle United (April 26, 2024):

“Nowhere better to go than up the road [to St. James’ Park], in terms of the atmosphere, the vibrancy, and all the emotion that gets attached to that game.

“Newcastle United is one of my favourite clubs and one of my favourite teams to watch.

“I have enormous admiration for Eddie’s career and how he has gone about it.

“They have had their ups and downs but they are still in the position that they are.

“They have got some fabulous players, an incredible environment, one we can really look forward to going to and hopefully leaving everything out there, like we did on Wednesday [against Man U].

“Newcastle are after European football, and we have to somehow be competitive and upset the odds.”

Chris on Sheffield losing out on Oli Mcburnie for the rest of the season:

“It’s a massive blow for us, but it goes alongside a lot of the situations we’ve had all season.

“It’s a really disappointing one.

“He went to see a surgeon, a specialist; it doesn’t require surgery, but obviously that’s a big one to miss from a leadership and experience point of view.”

Chris on possible relegation:

“We’re not saying everything is great.

“What we are saying is that there is a load of optimism about the future of the football club.

“It’s a poor season, not a poor football club.

“Sheffield has been in far worse positions than this as a football club, certainly over my time as a supporter, player, and manager.

“So, we’ll come again if the inevitable happens on the weekend.

Chris on Sheffield United’s gained experience this season:

“Through good times, we all enjoy it, and we’re all willing to take that credit when it happens, individually and collectively as a football club, and you have to own and suffer and take responsibility for the times when there’s a little bit of pain.

“But certainly, reflection is massive for me: reflection in terms of a training session, reflection in terms of a game, a part of the season, or an overall season from everybody.

“There are certain things we haven’t gotten right as a football club this season. As a club, there is humility. We’ve had a poor season—that’s there for all to see.

“We’ve had to take the words and the criticism, but as I said, it doesn’t last forever; we’ll learn. I’m still learning as a manager, at the ripe old age I am [56], with 1,000 games under my belt.”

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