William Saliba is world class says King


‘He’s a good player’… Ledley King admits William Saliba, who is quality. He is top class and can only get better says king.

Spurs legends Talks

Being a legend of Tottenham, King is aware that it is taboo in his part of north London to give Arsenal any credit at all.
But sometimes, all you have to do is raise your hands and recognise excellence when you see it.

In fact, King had to acknowledge during his interview with On The Judy Podcast that he is a huge fan of at least one Arsenal player.

Despite his loyalty to Tottenham, King grudgingly acknowledged on the show that he believes William Saliba to be a very excellent player.

The £30 million guy was praised by the commentator.

William Saliba is Top

The presenter declared, “I’m going to big up someone. Saliba kept Haaland quiet and pocketed him.”

King remarked, “He’s a good player.”

The presenter remarked, “We won’t get into that; you’re Tottenham and I’m Arsenal.”

Without a doubt, William Saliba is a world-class player, even for the most devoted Tottenham supporter.

It’s not hard to understand why King thinks so highly of Saliba. They are, after all, quite comparable players.

CB Covered

Like King, William Saliba is a center-back who plays like a Rolls Royce; he makes everything appear simple on the field and sometimes he just coasts through games to dominate them.

Saliba is a top-tier talent that gets closer to that elite group of players with each game he plays.

This young player, who is just 22 years old, has the potential to be a future superstar, and we can’t wait to watch how far Saliba and Arsenal can go in the upcoming years.

If Saliba keeps getting better, he might wind up becoming the finest defender of his generation.

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