Aditya Patra having an injury at the starting minutes

Aditya Patra

Aditya Patra has faced an injury in East Bengal’s opening match in the Calcutta Football League (CFL). Besides training with the East Bengal Senior team, Aditya is also playing in the CFL. The incident took place in the match against ASOS Rainbow at Kishore Bharati Krirangan.

The Injury Incident:

Aditya Patra was under the bars in East Bengal’s first match against ASOS Rainbow. A few moments after the kickoff, he faced a clash with his own defender, Athul Unnikrishnan. He got quick medical attention but had to leave the match in the 20th minute.

A casual miss pass at the midfield zone, then the opponent striker’s thrashing run with the ball towards the goal, and at last Athul’s uncontrollable running caused the accidental injury.

East Bengal loses an easy ball from the midfield corridor. Then Rainbow’s winger gathered the ball, overlapped it with his dancing toes, and passed it to his striker. Aditya quickly reacted and gathered the ball before the striker.

While Aditya was moving to gather the ball, Athul was running very quickly towards his own goalpost to cover the opponent’s striker. Aditya reached fast on the ball by a flash of a second, but Athul could not control his speedy run. He straightaway got into a conflict with his own goalie and injured both.

It shows complete miscommunication between the defender and the goalkeeper. They did not indicate to each other who was going to chase the ball; that caused Aditya’s injury after collecting the ball easily.

A very few minutes after the incident, Aditya was substituted and carried out of the field by an ambulance.

Aditya Patra’s Condition:

Aditya Patra was quickly admitted to AMRI Hospital. According to club sources, he is fine now. His scan report confirmed that there is nothing serious to worry about. He will join the practice soon.

Match Report: East Bengal vs. ASOS Rainbow:

East Bengal starts their CFL 2023 journey with a single point after failing to win their first match. Lack of communication and understanding between the players, low accuracy in the last strike to open the scoresheet, failure to threaten the opponent’s defense—these were the points behind their unfruitful first outing. Though they enjoyed possession, they could not get all three points.

Behind the scenes, there are a lot of happenings that affect the team’s performance. Lateness in completing the trial, some of the important players injuries, insufficient practice before the tournament—all of these are the reasons behind this slow start. Although their coach, Bino George, is optimistic that his team will succeed in overcoming all these barriers and will fight for the championship.

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