AFC more than willing to offer support to improve grassroot football

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Grassroot football is the most important stage in the development of young players who will eventually come up the ranks. From getting the basics of the game right to scouting out the right players, it is an investment that reaps as you sow. Thus, development of grassroot football is one of the most important parts of running a football club.

The AIFF are all set to start with the very first edition of the Hero Futsal Club Competition this year. Tournaments such as these give players and clubs a platform to showcase their talents to a wider audience. AFC have identified the tournament as a break-though idea and plan to give their complete support in whatever way possible.

The AIFF had held a webinar session with the managers of the various teams in the tournament. Among others present in the meeting was Mr. Aziz Kifah, Development Officer, AFC. He wished AIFF good luck and commended them on the initiative taken to popularize the sport that is mostly associated with grassroot development.

Investment in grassroot will pay off to those who trust the process

Like crypto-currency and bit-coins that are making headlines all over the world, Grassroot development may seem to be a gamble. However, when a group of players play, only a few make it to the higher levels. Everyone else follows every step of their journey which increases the interest for the game. This trend will widen until teams will one day be spoilt with choices.

Futsal is a mini version of football which has a slightly different set of rules to suit the intensity of the game. Ball control and vision are 2 areas that require absolute mastery while playing Futsal. Awareness, shooting, dribbling and even tacking are skills that eventually come along. It improves the chemistry between the players which resultantly increases the speed of their game.

With the start of a new league, the fanfare will drive in more audience to be a part of the Beautiful Game.

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