AIFF Club Licensing Committee grants exemptions to nine ISL & I-League Clubs


The All India Football Federation’s (AIFF) Club Licensing Committee has recently made a significant decision by granting exemptions to nine clubs participating in the Indian Super League (ISL) and I-League. These exemptions provide certain clubs with the flexibility to meet licensing criteria while acknowledging their efforts and contribution to Indian football. This move aims to foster the growth and development of football clubs across the country.


The AIFF Club Licensing Committee was established to ensure that football clubs in India adhere to certain standards and regulations. These standards cover various aspects such as sporting, infrastructural, administrative, legal, and financial criteria. By implementing these requirements, the AIFF aims to enhance the professionalism and sustainability of clubs in the long term.

Exemptions Granted

The AIFF Club Licensing Committee has granted exemptions to nine clubs, recognizing their commitment to the development of Indian football. Moreover, the clubs that have received exemptions include both ISL and I-League clubs. This decision is a testament to their efforts in building a strong foundation for the sport.

Criteria for Exemptions

The AIFF Club Licensing Committee assessed each club’s unique circumstances and considered various factors before granting the exemptions. These factors include financial stability, infrastructure development, youth development programs, and community engagement initiatives. The committee also evaluated the clubs’ long-term plans and their contributions to the growth of Indian football.

Significance for Indian Football

The exemptions granted by the AIFF Club Licensing Committee hold great significance for Indian football. Moreover, they provide recognition and support to the clubs that have made significant investments and contributions to the sport. These exemptions not only acknowledge the efforts of these clubs but also inspire others to raise their standards and improve their infrastructure, administration, and financial stability.

Encouraging Club Development

By granting exemptions, the committee encourages clubs to continue investing in their development and the development of football in India. Moreover, It serves as a motivation for clubs to strive for excellence in all aspects of the game. Also, the exemptions also create an environment that fosters healthy competition among clubs, leading to an overall improvement in the quality of Indian football.

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Future Implications

Moreover, granting exemptions to these clubs establishes a framework that recognizes their efforts and encourages them to meet licensing criteria while also accommodating unique circumstances, Furthermore, this supports clubs in their journey towards professionalization and long-term sustainability, setting a precedent for future evaluations.

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