Anwar Ali will return to professional football with FC Goa

A true warrior never gives up. At 21, Anwar Ali is a very young player who can play for the youth setups of any club. However, when adversity struck him at a time where every thing was going smoothly, his true nature arose. After nearly 2 years, Anwar Ali will make his return to professional football by joining FC Goa in January.

In 2019, Anwar was diagnosed a congenital heart condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. It is a condition in which the muscles of the heart become abnormally thick. The unusual thickness makes it hard for the heart to pump blood to various parts of the body. It is a very rare condition that does not have a cure though treatment can keep the situation under control.

The risk of a sudden Cardiac Arrest looms around the victim and thus the AIFF had to make a difficult decision. Anwar was one of the most brightest talents in India who was at the rise at that point of time. AIFF had no other choice but to keep the Anwar away from playing an professional games. Despite AIFF taking the final call, Anwar was not going to let go of this without a fight.

Anwar Ali will join FC Goa in January

After a lenghty procedure that involved clearances from the Delhi High Court and the AIFF Medical Community, Anwar was given a chance to rebuild his career. Sources claim that Anwar will train with FC Goa and should everything fall in place, he would join the team in January.

Anwar has a contract at Delhi FC and thus can move to Goa only after the January transfer window opens. FC Goa are huge admirers of the youngster and were the only club that kept in touch with him last year. Anwar is a ball-playing defender and thus will easily fit into FC Goa’s signature attacking football.

Should everthing fall in place, Anwar will return to the pitch against Kerala Blaster on January 2nd 2022.

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