Bayern Munich ranked sixth amongst the richest clubs as EPL dominates

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is no more among the top 5 richest clubs in World Football. They fell down to the 6th position according to reports. With an overall revenue of €731 million, Manchester City is the top-earning club for the second consecutive season. Their revenue number seems totally legit, and it’s the first time they have come to the top of the money league table.

In second place is Champions League winner Real Madrid with €713.8m. In third place is Liverpool FC, with €701.7m.

Despite their lack of notable achievements last year, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain place 4th and 5th, respectively. Even though United doesn’t even play in the Champions League, the EPL TV deal somehow manages to keep United at the top year after year.

Bayern Munich’s overall revenue

Total revenue of €653.6m puts Bayern Munich just outside the top 5. A breakdown of the club’s revenue is given here:

Compared to last year, total revenue is up 7%.

A total of 378m (58%) came from commercial activities. Only PSG’s revenue sources which are totally legitimate (€383m) are above Bayern’s. So Bayern is the second highest on the list.

A total of €207m (32%) came from broadcasting.

Matchday revenues totaled €68m (10%).

With a wage-to-revenue ratio of 53%, the club is in good shape. Madrid, on the other hand, has 73%.

During the season, the women’s team produced €1.7m. In comparison, UWCL finalists FC Barcelona generated €7.7m. It is Deloitte’s first time tracking women’s teams separately.

Bayern Munich failed to make the top 5 of the money league for the first time since 2006/07. Bayern has only ever been out of the top five times. Since Deloitte started publishing this list, the club has never been outside the top 10. Also, Borussia Dortmund, ranked 12th with an overall revenue of €356.9m, is the only other Bundesliga club in the top 20. In 22nd place, Eintracht Frankfurt was the only other German team in the top 30.

EPL dominance is only getting stronger, painting a grim picture for the Bundesliga as a whole. If things keep going as they are, the Premier League will eventually become Europe’s de facto Super League.

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