Bayern Munich star reveals several surgeries to cure cancer

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Bayern Munich is top of the league and through to the knockout stages of the Champions League. Manuel Neuer is yet to return to the squad. The legendary goalkeeper suffered a shoulder injury and has been out of the team since 8th October. With the time frame, Bayern has won against Barcelona and Inter Milan. It has also reclaimed the top stop in Bundesliga.

Manuel Neuer is an era-defining goalkeeper, nothing short of that. His profile redefined the role of a sweeper keeper in football. Neuer has been a mainstay in the Bayern and German National teams for a decade now. And yet no one is close to replacing him in the Bayern team, at least.

Bayern Munich star Manuel claims of recovering from skin cancer

Germany’s number one, Manuel Neuer, disclosed last week that he had had surgery and received treatment to recover from skin cancer in the past. The Bayern captain, who launched a skincare line with tennis player Angelique Kerber, has spoken out about his previous health problems. He commented on the surgeries during a press release;

“We both have a very personal history when it comes to skin diseases. Angelique has sun-induced hyperpigmentation and, in my case, skin cancer on my face, which I’ve had to operate on three times.”

“That’s why we have paid particular attention to ensuring that we no longer make any compromises when it comes to sun protection: Because I train outside all the time and also like to spend my free time in nature.”

The veteran goalkeeper, however, did not clarify when the operations took. He, however, pointed to a scar on his nose as the place of operations.

The German goalkeeper is almost certain to make the National team squad for the FIFA World Cup take will start on 20th November in Qatar.

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