Big Praises for Chelsea prospect Kendry Paez

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Chelsea will have big hopes in 2025. They will have their biggest bet on Kendry Paez who is said to be an extraordinary talent.

High Hopes

Journalist Süleyman Öztürk has now claimed that Chelsea have a player in their ranks who is currently more promising than Jude Bellingham.

He told Voetbal Zone that Kendry Paez is currently the greatest talent in South America, and has potential that he has rarely seen in football.

When Paez joins Chelsea in 2025, everyone is excited about what lies ahead for the team.
Despite just being 16 years old, he has already established himself as a regular for the Ecuador national team.

Although Paez has received a lot of praise thus far in his career, none has been greater than that of Ozturk, who believes that Paez is more promising than Bellingham was in the Championship at this age.

“He is next level,” he remarked. That’s pretty unusual for me to witness. Kendry Páez, and Chelsea has signed him. And it is South America’s best talent. I went to check who Chelsea had really signed by looking at them.

Kendry Paez is Top

All I knew was what I saw. Bellingham and Zaire-Emery are available to you, but that Páez. He’s very amazing. That’s pretty unusual for me. I used to get annoyed with Mbappé when he was at Monaco.I too experience that with Páez. That just isn’t typical. All you have to do is keep that name in mind. These males may have been 26 years old, yet they are 16 years old.

“You also experienced that in Bellingham. At seventeen, he was already a starter for England, and at the time we accepted it as the standard. However, it is not at all typical for a seventeen-year-old lad to be in charge of midfield. And it also holds true for people like Páez.

Even though he won’t be able to formally join for another year and a half, Paez is reportedly going to get the chance to play among the first team stars in the upcoming preseason.

Mauricio Pochettino is really excited about this potential and can’t wait to watch him play in person.

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