Brentford star looks all set for Arsenal says Fabrizio

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Brentford star and Arsenal have been closely connected for a while, and Toney is reportedly thrilled about the prospect of joining the team, according to Fabrizio Romano in a Kick interview.

When Toney does ultimately make his transfer to a major club. Romano claims he’s heard that his choice is to join Arsenal. Which is great news for Arsenal as they need to improve their front line.

Romano Talks

Romano discussed his knowledge of the “world-class” striker”. From what I’m hearing, this is one more detail on Ivan Toney. This is a rumour I’m hearing that his preference in terms of a top club move in January or the summer would be to go to Arsenal. From what I’m hearing, Ivan Toney could be really excited by the possibility of joining Arsenal,” Romano said.

Arsenal needs Brentford star

Arsenal must complete this transaction.

Gunners must take full advantage of this opportunity. Since a player like Toney doesn’t come along every day and actively wants to play for your football team.

The England international has a track record of scoring goals at this level. Which is precisely what Arsenal needs since they’ve had trouble coming up with a last-minute goal when facing the most opposition.

When vying for a Premier League championship. Having a player like Toney is crucial, and Arsenal will be well-positioned to win. The most prestigious trophy in English football if they can finalise this agreement in January.

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