Everton ex-Scout thinks VAR needs change


Bryan King,an ex-Everton Scout, feels that former players and managers need to be involved in VAR teams. Due to the recent controversy in the Everton vs. Nottingham Forest Premier League game, a lot of fans have felt annoyed. VAR has, according to the majority, failed to make the right decision yet. Forest fans believe they were denied three penalties by the referees and VAR officials. Nottingham fans feel cheated after the VAR decisions.

What Everton fan King believes

However, former Everton man Bryan King believes there’s no point in listening to the VAR audio. As it will change nothing. Recently, forest officials demanded a public release of the audio. Forest requested to hear the audio privately from the PGMOL after asking for it to be made public. But the offer was extended by the PGMOL. However, King feels that a bigger change needs to happen. He spoke to Goodison news and said,

It isn’t going to change the result; what happened happened,” King said.

“They need to either stick by VAR or abolish it, and at the moment they’re not understanding the way it works as far as I can see.

“All it is doing is causing more problems, and my biggest bug is that referees in the VAR room are making the same mistakes as referees on the pitch.

“They need to get ex-players and managers as part of these teams—people who have played or been associated with the game.

“To playback an audio regarding three penalty decisions, what is that going to do? Are they going to replay the game and stop it in those crucial moments? That is how ridiculous this all is.”

Although there has been a lot of noise, we have yet to see how this story develops. However, Everton fans will be over the whole thing as they just beat their bitter rivals Liverpool 2–0.

As featured on EvertonNews.com.

As featured on EvertonNews.com

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