Chelsea can get severe punishment from Premier League as per pundit

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Pundit Alex Crook suggests that if Chelsea is found guilty of financial mishaps of the Premier League, they should face severe consequences. According to Crook, the most severe punishment could be relegation from the top flight of English football. Similar to what Manchester City faced in the past.

The recent charges and subsequent heavy punishment on Everton likely served as a warning for those at Stamford Bridge. Meanwhile, this development has likely heightened the awareness and attention of Chelsea officials. That is regarding potential financial irregularities.

Everton faced a significant penalty with a 10-point deduction following the charges from the Premier League. Unexpectedly placing them in a challenging relegation battle. Experts have cautioned that Chelsea may be the next club to face sanctions, and the potential punishment could be even more severe than what Everton experienced. The situation at Stamford Bridge is being under close monitoring amid concerns about potential financial irregularities.

What kind of punishment can Chelsea get?

Todd Boehly and his associates may have concerns about this issue. Alex Crook has asserted that the recent punishment handed to Everton should leave Chelsea’s ownership group fearing potential consequences. The severity of Everton’s penalty has likely raised awareness and prompted a sense of caution among those at Stamford Bridge regarding the ongoing investigations and potential repercussions for Chelsea.

Crook said:

“What’s the worst that could happen to Man City, surely they can’t go back and take titles they have won?

“Well, the worst that could happen is relegation. The same with Chelsea. The precedent has been there with Everton. If you are going to deduct one team 10 points for falling foul of one charge and you have a team that has 115 charges and are found guilty, I think relegation probably is the only punishment.”

Despite the potential threat of sanctions, rumors persist that Chelsea is set to continue significant spending in the upcoming January transfer window. A striker is reportedly a top priority for potential additions. And Chelsea has a strong link to players like Victor Osimhen and Ivan Toney. Toney, in particular, appears more likely to be available mid-season. As he seems eager to leave Brentford soon.

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