Coach Leaves 19-Year-Old Chelsea Star Astonished in Saturday Talks


Something really surprising happened at St James’ Park. Newcastle United defeated Chelsea 4-1, leaving one Chelsea player in a state of confusion and shock. The coach, Mauricio Pochettino, hinted at a possible sudden change in the team’s schedule. This was in response to the team’s poor performance during the game. There are rumors that instead of having their usual day off on Sunday, they might have to do an unplanned training session as a kind of punishment for their not-so-good performance.

Nineteen-year-old Alex Matos didn’t get to play in the game. He seemed to expect that things were going to change after the match. He was standing by the entrance, asking one of the staff where his teammates were. When he found out they were already in the locker room, he casually asked about the team’s plans. He was shocked when the coach said the players were getting two days off. Confused, Matos and a couple of other players who didn’t play decided to do some unplanned jogging around St James’ Park.

Unraveling the Misunderstanding Between The Club And Pochettino

When Mauricio Pochettino talked to the TV after the game, he said the team should go to the hotel, rest, and start training early the next day. It sounded like they were skipping their usual day off. But a few hours later, the club said that the players’ day off was still on. They called the confusion a misunderstanding, and things calmed down. So, what appeared to be a crazy change in plans at Chelsea turned out to be just a mix-up.

After the crazy game and the surprising changes in the plan afterward, what happened at St James’ Park is a reminder of how unpredictable football can be. The players, who were a bit confused for a moment, can now relax because they’re getting their usual days off. So, things are back to normal for Chelsea after a pretty eventful Saturday afternoon.

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