Cole Palmer reveals their strategy of beating Tottenham last match

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It’s completely understandable for Cole Palmer to be young and somewhat reserved. This marks his first full season as a regular starter in the English Premier League. Over the last six months, he’s likely had more interactions with cameras than in the preceding six years combined.

As Cole Palmer is evolving into a crucial player on the field for Chelsea, he’s also becoming a reliable and engaging presence with the media off the pitch. His comments are often interesting, and he adds a cheeky edge that sets him apart from other players.

It must have been fascinating to hear Cole Palmer break down Chelsea’s victory over Tottenham. Thus, providing insights into the specific challenges his team faced against their rivals’ unique defensive strategy. Especially after Tottenham had two players sent off, reducing them to ten and then nine men.

What did Cole Palmer say?

Cole Palmer said in an interview: “It’s definitely easier to play against nine men, but on the other hand we knew we needed to win the game when they went down to 10 men. Then when they went down to nine especially, we knew we needed to score, to keep pressing, to keep making the runs in behind because their line was so high.”

“‘It can be difficult when the line’s so high and you need to make runs in behind. They maintained the line very well to be fair to them. So it was difficult, but as it went on we figured out how to get in behind. The coaches just said to us at half-time to keep pushing and the chances will come. We knew that and we’re just glad we took them.”

It’s indeed refreshing to have players like Cole Palmer share such insightful analyses regularly. His ability to unlock defenses in challenging situations makes him a valuable asset for Chelsea, and his contributions undoubtedly played a role in their eventual success.

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