Current Chelsea price is a steal, says banker

Graham Potter

Chelsea is currently up for sale following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the estimated price is allowed around £2-3 billion. However, a late bidder, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, made a huge £4.25 billion bid to buy the Blues. 

Meanwhile, the group who is taking care of the selling process on behalf of Roman Abramovic, the Raine Group, the co-founder of this company Joe Ravitch has made a bold claim that the mentioned price will be a steal for the new owner. 

And he expects that the Premier League clubs’ valuation will go beyond the margin of £8 billion in a few years’ time. Speaking with Financial Times, Ravitch said:

“My guess is that Chelsea and all of the top Premier League clubs will probably be worth in excess of $10bn (£8bn) in five years. So I think whoever buys Chelsea today at the prices we’re talking about is getting it for a steal.”

Will the price of Chelsea go beyond the margin of £8 billion? 

This could be a tactic to drive the price higher in this process of selling Chelsea. However, the money will not go to the Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic. Given he was sanctioned by the UK government due to his close relationship with the Russian president Vladimir Putin. 

On the other hand, four bidders have been shortlisted to be the potential buyers of the club. And the ownership situation could be resolved before the end of this month. 

Chelsea is currently unable to make any business at the moment. Therefore, they can’t make any plans for the upcoming summer transfer window. They also failed to offer new contracts to the players whose current contracts will expire at the end of this season. 

Meanwhile, Chelsea started the season as one of the contenders to finish in the top four spots. However, they are currently fighting to finish in the top four spots. The Blues are third in the league with 66 points in 34 games, only three points ahead of fourth-placed Arsenal. 

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