Declan Rice Praises a player as Arsenal’s Top Performer in Training

Last summer, the young footballer joined the Arsenal team in the most record-breakingly expensive transfer in the team’s history. Since then he has become a vital part of the team. In the first season, Declan Rice has some things to say about unbelievable stuff he happens to watch during the training practices.

Arteta’s Training and Team Unity: Arsenal’s Success with Declan Rice

Arsenal has been on an impressive journey, competing for the Premier League title two seasons in a row. This success is in addition to the matches played but more specifically due to the hard and very intense and demanding training sessions conducted by the manager Mikel Arteta.

The transition of Declan Rice from West Ham to Arsenal has been smooth. As a talent he has easily fitted in the new challenge at the club, backed by other players who can elicit the best out of him. His appreciation for his team members can be seen as the quality and commitment in the team.

Declan Rice Praises the Best Trainers at Arsenal

During a video interview with the Chinese site Iqiyi, Rice was requested to provide a list of the best trainers currently at Arsenal. Nonetheless, with no moment’s delay, he named Gabriel Jesus and Martin Ødegaard.

It was a tough 2023/24 season for Gabriel Jesus as injuries affected him and he was not in the best of form. Still, Rice’s words emphasize that Jesus does not only persist and work hard during the trainings but also possesses skills. His training performances, despite being unconvincing on the field, reveal the player’s professional manners and hard working spirit.

“I think it’s either Gabriel Jesus or Odegaard, one of them two, they are just so good at football.

“Probably Jesus but Odegaard is there as well, they’re both just so good. The stuff they do with the ball is unbelievable. To see it, it’s so good!” Declan Rice said

Declan Rice has also appreciated the talent of Martin Ødegaard, a creative midfielder of Arsenal. Ødegaard’s training performances depict him as one genius footballer with outstanding sense of vision, technique, and leadership. His performance in executing difficult play formations and setting high discipline has made him a key personnel in Arteta’s strategy.

Arteta’s Training Philosophy

The Arsenal coach Arteta is particularly famous for his high-intensity sessions and the concentration on the tactical analysis. These are intense schedules intended to get the players physically and mentally ready for premier league encounters. In particular, Arteta manages players like Declan Rice and Jesus, and Ødegaard to perform their best when it comes to crunch time.

In an intense season, Arteta has shown confidence in Jesus hence no willingness of letting the Brazilian striker to leave the club. This decision is going to cause some controversy among the supporters. Some of whom think that Jesus should be sold while others believe that he is irreplaceable member of the team. Arteta’s support indicates that he believes in Jesus to recover and make a decent performance in the match in future.

Looking at Declan Rice’s last training session, there is no doubt that there are great talents in Arsenal, with Gabriel Jesus and Martin Ødegaard being perfect examples. A lot of hard work as well as high standards of trainings set by Arteta have been incorporated into Arsenal.

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