Durand Cup 2023 Group analysis: Group A



The Durand Cup 2023 is coming soon, and it’s going to be super exciting! There will be 24 teams playing at different places like Kolkata, Guwahati, and Kokrajhar. One of the interesting groups is Group A, with big teams like East Bengal and Mohun Bagan, along with Punjab FC and the mysterious Bangladesh Army team.

Bangladesh Army Football Team: The Surprising Team In Group A, there’s a team called Bangladesh Army, and they are new to Indian football. It’s like a secret surprise because we don’t know much about them. They will play against strong teams from the Indian Super League, so we are curious to see how well they play.

East Bengal: Changing and Growing East Bengal is a special team that is changing a lot. They didn’t do very well last time, but now they have a new coach, Carles Cuadrat, who is really good. They also have new players like Saul Crespo and Javier Siverio. We want to see how they will play together as a team.

Mohun Bagan: Super Talented TeamMohun Bagan is a team with many amazing players like Anirudh Thapa, Anwar Ali, and Sahal Abdul Samad. They won the ISL last time, so they are very strong. Their coach, Juan Ferrando, might try different ways of playing in this tournament.

Punjab FC: Rising StarsPunjab FC is a team that did really well and moved up from the I-League to the ISL. They have young and talented players, and we are excited to see how they do in the Durand Cup 2023. It’s like they are new kids in town, and we want to see if they can beat the big teams.

Overcoming Challenges

Bangladesh Army: Trying Their BestThe Bangladesh Army team is brave, but they might have a tough time against the other big teams. They don’t have foreign players like the others, but they will still try their best to win.

East Bengal: Learning to Play TogetherEast Bengal has many good players, but they need time to learn to play together as a team. It’s like when we play with new friends, we need to understand how they play too.

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Mohun Bagan: Finding the Right MixMohun Bagan’s coach might try different players to see which ones work best together. Sometimes it’s like trying different puzzle pieces to find the perfect fit.

Punjab FC: Believing in ThemselvesPunjab FC might feel pressure because they are new, but they need to believe in themselves. Even if they make mistakes, they should keep trying and learning.


The Durand Cup 2023 in Group A is going to be super fun to watch! We will see strong teams and new teams playing their hearts out. No matter who wins, we know they will all give their best on the field. Let’s cheer for all the players and enjoy the magic of football!

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