East Bengal announce the signing of u-17 stars, Guite and Gunraj


Fantastic news for all football fans! East Bengal, a popular football club, has announced the signing of two talented under-17 stars, Guite and Gunraj. It’s a special moment for these young players, and everyone is excited to see them shine on the field. Let’s learn more about Guite and Gunraj and why their signing is creating such a buzz!

Meet Vanlalpeka Guite and Gurnaj Singh Grewal:

Vanlalpeka Guite and Gurnaj Singh Grewal are two young and skilled football players from India. From a very young age, they have been playing football with great passion and dedication. Their hard work and talent have caught the attention of East Bengal, a famous football club in India, and they are now ready to be part of this fantastic team.

Signing with East Bengal is like a dream come true for Vanlalpeka Guite and Gurnaj Singh Grewal. They have always dreamed of playing for such a renowned club, and now that dream is turning into reality! Their families, friends, and coaches are all cheering for them, thrilled to see them take this big step in their football journey.

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Talent and skills of Guite and Gurnaj

Guite is an excellent striker, which means he is great at scoring goals. When Guite is on the field, he is like a goal-scoring machine, always ready to find the back of the net. Gunraj, on the other hand, is a skilled midfielder, making him a master at controlling the ball and creating scoring opportunities for his teammates.

With Guite’s goal-scoring abilities and Gunraj’s midfield magic, they are sure to be a powerful duo on the field. As they grow and gain more experience, they have the potential to become football stars not only in India but also on the international stage.

A Proud Moment for Guite and Gurnaj

For Vanlalpeka Guite and Gurnaj Singh Grewal, signing with East Bengal is a proud moment for themselves and their families. They have worked hard and persevered to reach this point in their football journey. Now, they have the chance to wear the iconic red and gold jersey of East Bengal, a symbol of pride and honor in Indian football.

The signing of Vanlalpeka Guite and Gurnaj Singh Grewal is inspiring for all young footballers out there. It shows them that hard work, dedication, and a love for the game can lead to amazing opportunities. Kids who love football can look up to Vanlalpeka Guite and Gurnaj Singh Grewal; as role models and believe in their own football dreams.


The signing of Vanlalpeka Guite and Gurnaj Singh Grewal by East Bengal is a reason for celebration among football fans. Their talent, passion, and hard work make them valuable additions to the team. As they step onto the field for East Bengal, young football enthusiasts everywhere will be cheering for them; inspired by their dedication and love for the beautiful game. Let’s welcome Vanlalpeka Guite and Gurnaj Singh Grewal to the East Bengal family and watch them create magic on the field!

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