Emirates Stadium Electrifying Atmosphere has Declined


Arsenal fans have had their bubble burst by their side’s recent performances therefore which has led to poor atmospheres at the Emirates Stadium so far this season, according to journalist Paul Brown.

Decline in Attendance

It seems that Arsenal supporters have not been able to duplicate the electrifying atmospheres. This is in addition to Champions League football, as the Gunners have rejoined the league after a nearly ten-year absence.

However, considering that the Emirates Stadium has been empty for the majority of the season. Even that doesn’t appear to have piqued the interest of Arsenal supporters just yet.

Excitement Drained out

Journalist Brown discussed his theories on why there could have been a decline in the energy at the Emirates Stadium. In response to a social media post that went viral and featured an Arsenal supporter. The dependable writer feels that Arsenal supporters should be given a cause to support their side. Citing the heartbreaking conclusion of the previous season, in which Arsenal missed out on the championship by just five points:

“I think there was such excitement about Arsenal last season and they really captured the imagination with their run and being top for so long that I think it created a huge surge of emotion and maybe the bubble burst a little bit by the end of the campaign. And now I think they’re waiting to see signs that all of that can be renewed. I think it’s just a bubble bursting really and I think the players and Mikel Arteta need to give them something to get excited about again.”

Emirates Stadium Revival

Success inevitably increases demand for tickets and it’s something that may very possibly make a comeback to the north London venue in the future.
Emirates Stadium will host CL playoff football again in the new year. Barring a mini-disaster in their remaining two group meetings. Even yet, Arsenal trailed leaders Man City by just one point going into the year’s last international break.

There is no reason to believe that the Emirates Stadium won’t be back to its peak for the last game of the season if they stay there or much altered moving into 2024.

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