Everton set to earn up to £18.7 million from their upcoming fixture

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Everton face Brentford tonight in a Premier League clash. This match could bring a lot of profit for the Toffees. Everton has suffered financially recently and could get a lot of help if they manage to increase their position from 16th to 15th. If Everton manage to beat Brentford, they will leapfrog them into 15th place. This will be helped by their recent performances against Liverpool and Nottingham. They will look to keep the momentum going with another win. Another win will bring a lot of confidence.

How a win will help Everton Finances

Everton has faced financial hardships this season. However, if they manage to finish 16th, they will earn £15.6 million at the end of the season, as reported by the Liverpool Echo. This is because their position will determine how much they earn from the merit payments from the league’s broadcast rights. However, if they manage to finish 15th, they could increase their profits to £18.7 million, almost a 49.6% increase from what they had earned in the last season from earnings. However, this could help them ease a bit of pressure on the club’s financial front. They have already faced point deductions on two occasions this season, totaling eight points. If they had not faced deductions, they would have been 14th and would have gotten up to £21.8 million at the end of the season.

They have already had a loan from 777 Partners of £15 million this season, as they hope to see their partner club in the Premier League next season. This would secure their streaming rights in the Premier League and give them a lot more profit.Everton will desperately need this. The club will be in a better position if they win. Although they have a loan, which will keep them afloat. Still, they will look to make their position better.

As featured on EvertonNews.com.

As featured on EvertonNews.com

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