Exclusive: Triman Ranvir opens up on his dream of playing for the Indian National Team

Triman Ranvir

Triman Ranvir is an Indian-origin Belgian Footballer who currently plays for Dutch Top Division Club, FC Hilversum.

Triman Ranvir opens up on his dream of playing for the Indian National Team is a bright prospect who has an experience of playing in countries like Finland, Belgium and Netherlands. He has basically played the age-group levels in those countries. Besides being winger, he can also play the role of a striker and knows the goal very well.

In an Exclusive Interview with Football Express, Triman Ranvir opens up on his dream of playing for the Indian National Team has opened up about his plans for future and his dream of playing for the Indian National Team.

How did your journey as a Footballer begin?

“My journey began at a very early stage when I was 6 or 7 and I used to play in the park along with my friends. After a few years my schoolmates and friends suggested me to play for a club and I joined my first club at an age of 11 years where some of my friends used to play.”

Tell us about your first match as a professional and what was your driving force then?

“My first professional game was at the age of 17, when I played for a Finish 2nd division club named MuSan Salama. I had a trial there. The experience was totally different as the game was much more physical and faster and I did not play with and of the guys before so yes the experience was totally different. And talking about my driving force, that was my family would watch me playing on TV for the first time and that was something heavy on my shoulders and also mu teammates also did not treat me any differently. They all welcomed me with open arms.”

How was your debut in professional football and how did you deal with your emotions?

“I had just kept my heads up and yes it was difficult to deal with emotions as I knew that I was live on TV and the commentators would get my name for the first time. My family was watching me play and also hundreds of people watching me. So yes there was a pressure and it was my first game and from there I had learnt a lot and I had to learn and improve a lot from there. But unfortunately the deal failed as they wanted more experienced player for the senior team but I had signed for the U-21 team and I played the Finish FA Cup there we played there with a 1st division team and I scored the lonely goal for my club then but we lost the match 3-1.”

Being an Indian-Origin player, was it difficult to make a place in the Belgian Football Circuit??

“No, nothing difficult as I was born and brought-up here. So I did not have to adapt with the system as I have to do when I visit to India. So yes it was not at all difficult.”

Describe your experience meeting Ranjit Bajaj and how did the meeting happen?

“I had posted some of my pictures on my twitter handle and that went viral. Some of friends tagged Ranjit Bajaj sir in those pictures and said that I wanted to play in India. So he did message me and sent me his contact number and asked me to call. I then messaged him and gave my introduction to him and we had a talk over and over and the I sent my CV and videos to him. He then liked my style of play and said that I can be helpful to Indian Football as they need a striker.

So he said that he wanted to see me in person so that he can help me out in the Indian-Football circuit. So I was back in Holland then playing for my present club. I called up my dad and explained him everything and gradually I came to India and met him. It was a nice experience meeting him and he is really a nice person. I had Spain trip after returning from India. There I scored 6 goals and has 2 assists in 5 matches. I sent him my performances and video clips he was really impressed and said to apply for an Indian passport and play in India.”

Describe your tour at the Minerva Academy.

“Yes as I met him (Ranjit Bajaj) he said to play a match. So I played for Minerva Academy U-23 team against CEG University and I was subbed of in the last 10 minutes as I had travelled from Belgium. So he said that I can stay at the academy and I stayed there for a week and everything was nice there. The food, the bed I got was really nice and specially playing in the Original turf was really a nice experience. Here in Europe we always get to play at the artificial turf so playing in Indian conditions was really nice. I had a really good result in my Yo-yo Test. He liked my performance then. I had to come back as I had my Spain Trip in the following month. Yes it was really a good tour for me.”

How was your experience meeting Himanshu Jangra in the Minerva Academy?

“Great had a 1 on 1 chat with him for hour. He gave me advice on how to play in india how isl and i league work and how to get in national team.”

Are you considering to play in the Indian Football circuit in future?

“Yes of course I had a word with 5-6 clubs in of India, who are really interested in me. I had word with different ISL and I-League clubs and now considering to play there. Now my ultimate aim is to play for National team of India. I am going to India the next season this is a big news. I have also applied for my passport this 8th of February and I will be playing in the Indian football circuit in I-League or ISL next season.”

Why are you considering India as your future?

“This is because in India I am always an Indian but in Belgium I am not always a Belgian. I remember Lukaku saying “When I play good I am a Belgian and when I don’t play well I am a Congolese”. I have got much love in India and after my tour in India I have started reciving more love from Indian people. Generally I don’t get such response from Belgium. In India, the passion is more than that of Belgium”.

We, the Football Express team, also had a word with his father, Mr. Singh Ranvir. He also is interested in improving the standard as they are planning to take the Indian citizenship and leave the Belgium so that his son can play at the Indian highest level.

Triman Ranvir opens up on his dream of playing for the Indian National Team is really a great talent and is looking forward to explore new options in life. He is presently playing in one of the Top leagues in Europe but he now has an aim to don the Jersey of India being an Indian. He has faced a lot of challenges and now looking to explore new challenges in India and trying to make his mark on Indian Football.

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