Fabio Carvalho speaks out about his time under Klopp


According to Fabio Carvalho, some of his teammates questioned why he did not play for Liverpool during his time at the club. Last Wednesday, the Liverpool Echo published the final segment of a fairly lengthy interview that Fabio Carvalho recently gave them. Fabio talked about his game time at the club under Jurgen Klopp.

Fabio Carvalho left the club on loan to RB Leipzig last summer. Although he appeared at the beginning of the season, he gradually lost his spot in the Premier League team.

Fabio Carvalho’s interview

Fabio joined Leipzig and did not have a good season. He is at Hull City right now and is having a good season. He tried to break into the first team at Liverpool. Fabio Carvalho said in his interview that even his teammates were not able to understand Klopp’s decision to keep him out of the first team.

“Yes, I spoke to [Jurgen Klopp],” said Carvalho. “Spoke to him not a lot, if I’m being honest with you. Maybe I should have done that. I should have done that a bit more.

“But I did speak to him. He just said, ‘Be patient. You’re training well; your chance will come.’

“And I did think I was training well. To the point where some of the players were asking me, ‘What’s going on? Why are you not playing?’

“It is what it is kind of thing. But yeah, I did see him and he said, ‘Just be patient, keep training, and your chance will come.’ That’s all I could ask of him.

“He was honest with me; he gave me a few pointers on what I could do and what I could improve on, and I just tried to apply that in training.”

Fabio would feel that with the new manager joining the side, he could have a chance at Liverpool. He did not get enough chances because Klopp trusted other players. However, with Arne Slot, things could change.

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