Gabriel Jesus Called Mediocre

Arsenal star Gabriel Jesus’ call-up to the Brazil national squad has been heavily criticised. He is being termed Mediocre.

Nightmare when Fit

The 26-year-old is among the top players for Arsenal. Although his form hasn’t always been fantastic for his country, when he is healthy, he is a nightmare for defenders to play against. Neto feels dissatisfied with his choice because of this.
Gabriel Jesus, an attacker for Arsenal, is among the top players in the Premier League.

The Brazilian is a multitasker. In comparison to most other attackers in the Premier League, he works more, connects plays up, scores goals, and gives assists. His defence is also an excellent aspect of his game.

For the reasons mentioned above, Mikel Arteta adores Jesus, and it’s possible that Brazil’s manager Fernando Diniz feels the same way.

Gabriel Jesus Injury Situation

Jesus has been hurt since last month’s Arsenal victory over Sevilla in Spain. Diniz refused to let him recuperate in North London and instead insisted on flying him over; he hasn’t played a game since.

The former Brazil representative Neto is incensed that the Arsenal player was chosen.
“If the Brazilian national team belonged to the people, who would you call up in place of Gabriel Jesus, who isn’t even included in the Arsenal squad?” he stated on Os Donos da Bola, as translated by Sportwitness.

Why is Gabriel Jesus playing for the United States? since the CBF owns the national team. I can’t minimise Gabriel Jesus as a center-forward who hasnt scored in two World Cups, but as a member of the national team, he’s merely average.

“He’s not a forward in the centre.” He is not Ronaldo, Romário, Vavá, or Careca. How is it possible to summon a CBF squad that isn’t Brazilian? You summon a player who is hurt. He doesn’t work out. It was there yesterday.

Almost Recovered

Gabriel Jesus’ hamstring injury sustained in Seville has kept him out of the last six Arsenal and Brazil games in all competitions.

The Brazilian looked really well in his last game before the injury, so it was a genuine sorrow to see him out. After giving Gabriel Martinelli a wonderful assist, he scored an incredible goal to help Arsenal win that particular game.

Jesus has helped the Gunners succeed without him, but when he isn’t playing, their attack just isn’t the same. Fortunately, the 26-year-old is reportedly nearing the end of his recuperation, and there’s even a chance he might play in next week’s match against Argentina.

That would be a huge boost for Arsenal if he could return for the team’s match against Brentford following the international break.

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