Hyderabad FC Partners with Ajay Devgan’s Feature Film Maidaan

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Hyderabad FC joins hands with “Maidaan” movie team to promote Football in India. To Clarify that the delicates of HFC and the Movie team conducted a virtual launch on Thursday.

The collaboration between Hyderabad FC and ‘Maidaan, aims to attract interest in pursuing a career in football, according to Varun Tripuraneni, co-owner of Hyderabad FC, in a Virtual Launch on Thursday.

Further Maidaan is a forthcoming Hindi biopic about Indian football legendary coach Syed Abdul Rahim. Centred on the golden era (1952-1962). And it casts Ajay Devgn as football coach Syed Abdul Rahim in it. Further, this film is produced by Zee Studios and Boney Kapoor.

And Varun said this during a virtual conversation with movie producer Boney Kapoor and movie director Amit Sharma, among others. Further, he hoped the film would push the game to a different level and that HFC was eager to play a prominent key role in this process.

Certainly, this is a one-of-a-kind collaboration that aims to collectively work on boosting grassroots football in Hyderabad and across the nation.

Varun Tripuraneni, Co-Owner of Hyderabad FC, Amit Sharma, Boney Kapoor, Arunava Joy Sengupta and Akash Chawla were present at the virtual launch.

However, during the meeting, Varun Tripuraneni said that with this collaboration. Firstly he believes that he can take football to every corner of the country and promote the sport amongst young and aspiring football fanatics.

“Our association with Maidaan will aid us in taking football to every corner of the country and promote the sport amongst young and aspiring football fanatics”. – Said Varun, Co-owner of HFC.

“This partnership will celebrate the legacy of Syed Abdul Rahim. Who has been an inspiration not only to the football players in Hyderabad, but across the footballing community in India.” – Further added by him.

Maidaan team about this Collab

In addition Producer Boney Kapoor express as a first-of-a-kind industry relationship, Maidaan’s association with Hyderabad FC. He believes Maidaan shows Shri Syed Abdul Rahim’s trials and successes, just like Hyderabad FC has to overcome many hurdles. Meanwhile, this is the beginning of a great friendship between two different entities.

“It is a natural fit as Maidaan brings forward the struggles and victories of Shri Syed Abdul Rahim just the way Hyderabad FC has overcome various challenges to rise from where they were in the league with sheer grit and determination.” – said Boney Kapoor.

Most Importantly Director Amit Sharma stated that there has been a great deal of research into spending quality time. With some of his fellow Indian team coaches, including P. K. Banerjee, T. Balaram, Tarun Gosh, S. S.Hakim (Rahim’s son), who have been involved with the Indians, in particular with some Grands.

“Even today, many of them do not know about Shri Syed Abdul Rahim and his contribution towards football in our nation. Through our movie Maidaan, we aim at enlightening the country about his hard work and contribution in building a strong legacy towards football in the country.” – Said Amit Sharma.

Amit Sharma commented that he could not have imagined making the film for anyone, with the exception of Ajay Devgan, for the role of Rahim.

“He is an amazing actor with great commitment. Well, making sports films is really exciting. And as you just cannot take any liberties and have to stick to reality”.– added by him.

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