“I want to bring the World Cup through you”- CM Mamata Banerjee encourages Mohun Bagan

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West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee wants Mohun Bagan to be the finest football team in the world. “Mohun Bagan has to be the best in the world. I want to bring the World Cup through you”, CM of West Bengal declared on March 20 at the Mohun Bagan tent. She stated her belief in the club’s capacity to accomplish this goal and challenged them to compete against great footballing nations such as Brazil, Poland, and Italy.

“Why won’t Mohun Bagan play against Brazil?” CM further asked “Why won’t Mohun Bagan play against Poland? Why won’t Mohun Bagan play against Italy? We have to play against them. We have to conquer the world,” Banerjee stated.

“One cannot ignore Bengal. Bengal can do it. Bengal can win. You’ll win it tomorrow. You’ll conquer the world. Remember that day that I said this. I truly believe the entire world will come to your doorstep one day. They will come to welcome us,” she added.

Mamata Banerjee’s vision for Mohun Bagan

ATK Mohun Bagan’s services to Indian football were lauded by CM. Moreover, she encouraged the club to keep winning and become the finest in the world. Banerjee feels that Bengalis have what it takes to attain global success and wants to demonstrate this to the rest of the world.

ATK Mohun Bagan FC previously won the Indian Super League (ISL) championship after defeating Bengaluru FC on penalties in the final. Mamata Banerjee expressed her delight at the win of the Kolkata-based club by giving a 50 lakh financial reward for the victors.

Banerjee commended the players of ATK Mohoun Bagan for their success, claiming that they had “brightened the face of Bengal” and are the “pillars of Bengal”. Moreover, her speech emphasises the importance of athletics in unifying communities and promoting pride in one’s history.

Banerjee’s aim for Mohun Bagan goes beyond the football field, with dreams of winning the World Cup and bringing it to India. Moreover, she went on to say, “We have to achieve global victory. I want to bring the World Cup. I want to bring the World Cup through you.” Banerjee’s vision for Mohun Bagan and Indian football is one that many people share, with fans hopeful that it would come true in their lifetime.

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