India and Lebanon played out a goalless draw till 120 mins.

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In a high-stakes quarterfinal match of the SAFF Championship, India and Lebanon played it out on the football pitch, captivating fans with their skill and determination. The intense encounter ended in a goalless draw after regular and extra time. However, it was India’s unwavering resolve and precision in the penalty shootout that led them to a remarkable 4-2 victory. Let’s delve deeper into this exhilarating SAFF Championship clash and analyze how India triumphed against Lebanon. Explore India and Lebanon played out a goalless draw for 120 mins.

India and Lebanon: A Stalemate in Regular and Extra Time

The match kicked off with both teams displaying a strong defensive line, making it difficult for either side to break through. India showcased their disciplined backline, thwarting Lebanon’s attempts to find the net. On the other hand, Lebanon’s defenders were equally resolute, denying India any clear-cut chances.

As the clock ticked away, the tension mounted, but neither team could capitalize on their limited opportunities. Also, the relentless battle for possession in midfield showcased the determination of both sides. The goalkeepers, too, played pivotal roles, pulling off remarkable saves to keep the scoreline level.

Extra time brought renewed energy, with both teams sensing the urgency to find a breakthrough. However, fatigue began to set in, leading to fewer goal-scoring opportunities. The match seemed destined for a penalty shootout as the final whistle blew, signifying a goalless draw after 120 minutes of intense action.

India’s Victory in the Penalty Shootout

The penalty shootout commenced amidst an electric atmosphere in the stadium. Like always, India’s players stepped up with confidence and showcased nerves of steel. They converted their penalties flawlessly, placing their shots beyond the reach of Lebanon’s goalkeeper. India’s clinical finishing saw them take a commanding 4-2 lead after four penalties each.

In contrast, Lebanon struggled to find the back of the net from the spot. Obviously, India’s goalkeeper exhibited exceptional reflexes, making two crucial saves that further bolstered India’s chances of victory. The Indian players erupted in jubilation as the final penalty was missed by Lebanon, sealing India’s triumph in the shootout.

Also, India’s victory was a testament to their mental strength and resilience. Despite the grueling 120 minutes of play, they remained composed and focused during the high-pressure shootout. Without a doubt, the team’s meticulous preparation and training were evident as they executed their penalties with precision.


India’s hard-fought victory against Lebanon exemplified the team’s determination and ability to thrive under pressure. The win propelled them forward in the tournament, leaving fans eager to witness their future performances.

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