India should beat Kyrgyz Republic in the 2023 U-23 Asian Cup Qualifiers

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India need to win against Kyrgyz Republic to get through the group stages of the 2023 U-23 Asian Cup Qualifiers. The young men in blue gave an impressive performance in the very first game to beat Oman 2-1. An overall performance by the attack and defence gave the much needed 3 points and confidence.

Howver, they narrowly lost the second game to hosts UAE. A rather defensive approach in the first hope nearly did the trick until they conceced a penalty in the final minutes. UAE rallied on the lone goal to secure their first win as every team got into the final round with the same points.

Not only do all the 4 teams have the exact number of points, they have scored and conceded the same number of goals. Thus every team is at the top and bottom at the same time. Should they be level after this round, the teams that scored the higher number of goals would go through.

It’s ‘No Time To Die’ for India against Kyrgyz Republic

India were the underdogs of the group and they have put out a wonderful display in the 2 games played. A little more composure all across the pitch will make them a team hard to beat. Oman were out of place and rellied on set pieces to get chances. UAE rallied all throughout the game but the scoreline would not state how much they could have actually scored.

Dheeraj Singh has been the backbone of the team pulling off saves whenever all the time. Without the FC Goa stopper’s brilliance, India would have been packing their bags right now. The attack has been attacking as well with Vikram Pratap Singh and Rahim Ali have been vibrant and will look to give their best.

A draw would mean that the final outcome would depend upon the score of the Oman vs UAE game. A win on the other hand will be a double win as it takes them through the group. Come on, Lads!!!

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