Indian football has a lot to learn off the field as well

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Something happened in Indian football on Friday. That is still being disputed by fans, something that violates the basic principle that sports symbolises. Sunil Chhetri scored an injury-time free kick for Bengaluru FC in an Indian Super League playoff. The game was against Kerala Blasters in Bengaluru.

The goal’s nature and what transpired next sparked a scandal that has eclipsed everything else in Indian football since, including Karnataka’s spectacular Santosh Cup triumph. With the score still tied and the knockout game headed into extra time, Chhetri stood over the ball as Blasters goalkeeper Prabhsukhan Gill organised his defence. Then, with everyone else preoccupied, the forward made an ambitious chip that ended up in the empty net. einsteineruploaded a file with. Ivan Vukomanovic, their coach, went even farther, ordering his players off the field. The game concluded with more over 20 minutes remaining. The outcome section stated forfeited.

The incident and the reaction to it demonstrate that Indian football has a lot to learn. And not just about football quality. To start, there is no doubt that referee Crystal John’s poor officiating, which led to the game spiralling out of control at a crucial juncture, is the root cause of such a disagreement.

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While a rapid free kick is permissible in football, the opponent has every right to prevent it. einsteineruploaded with.. Second, there is no justification for Vukomanovic’s behaviour. While officiating has been a perennial pain in Indian football. Declining to continue a match reflects a general lack of respect for the game. That is basphemy.

Finally, some spectators hurled hatred and hostility at Chhetri and his family following the game. No player, let alone one of Chhetri’s prominence, should have to go through anything like that for something that happened on the field. The outcome on the field is always the most important indicator of a country’s performance in football. Any such triumph, though, will be hollow unless the entire footballing ecology evolves in tandem with the excellence on the pitch. Everyone is a part of that ecosystem, whether they are referees, club coaches, or supporters. And if this episode demonstrates anything, it is that there must still be overall progress.

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