Indian Super League Finale Highlights: ATK Mohun Bagan WINS

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ATKMB vs BFC in ISL 2023 Final LIVE: ATK Mohun Bagan wins the Indian Super League on penalties, defeating Bengauru FC 4-3. The Mariners won the ISL title courtesy to a stop from Bruno’s kick and a Perez miss. Dimitri Petratos scored a penalty kick for ATKMB to tie the game. Roy Krishna had just given BFC the lead seconds before. Sunil Chhetri and Dimitri Petratos score once apiece in the first half to tie the game.

Ashique Kuruniyan had taken over for Kiyan Nasiri at ATK Mohun Bagan. While Ashique was hurt, Juan Ferrando had stated that he is available. Hugo Boumous and Manvir Singh had launched an attack. Petratos was the team’s lone attacking player. Asish Rai, Pritam Kotal, Slavko Damjanovic, and Subhasish Bose formed a three-man defensive line in the back. Carl McHugh and Glan Martins served as twin pivots.

Grayson did not modify his starting lineup despite his team’s winning run. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu is the goalkeeper. Aleksandar Jovanovic, Sandesh Jhingan, and Bruno Ramires make up the three-man defence. Midfielders Rohit Kumar, Hernandez, and Suresh Singh Wangjam are joined by wingbacks Roshan Naorem and Prabir Das. In attack, the striking partnership of Roy Krishna and Sivasakthi Narayanan could be noticed. After being trapped between Carl McHugh and Ashique, Siva Sakthi collapsed with a bleeding nose. Sunil Chhetri came in in place of Siva in the fourth minute.


Early on, ATK Mohun Bagan takes the lead. Petratos scores with a spot-kick. Subhasish Bose attacks it and connects with his head after Dimitri Petratos takes a corner from the left side and floats it inside the box. Roy Krishna stands in front of him, extending his arm, and the ball strikes his arm. This results in an early penalty for ATKMB.

The Indian captain’s final kick of the first half produced in the crucial equaliser, leaving Kaith on the opposite side. Sunil Chhetri makes the switch from spot. When Subhasish fails to clear the ball, the kick in the penalty area strikes Krishna’s knee. . Once the referee points to the spot, Sunil Chhetri advances to take the penalty kick.

Both teams started cautiously, attempting to figure each other out. ATKMB went first and forced the BFC defence work hard. Their perseverance was rewarded with a penalty for a Roy Krishna handball, which Dimitri Petratos converted.

Bengaluru FC has continued where they left off, maintaining momentum and pressure.

Both Bengaluru FC and ATK Mohun Bagan made substitutions in the second half. Pablo Perez has taken the place of Aleksandar Jovanovic, while Lalrinliana Hnamte has taken the place of Glan Martins of Bengaluru FC.

Bengalrur FC takes a commanding lead in the final match. Roy Krishna is the individual in question. Suresh Singh takes the corner kick, and Roy Krishna heads the ball into the goal. Simon Grayson unleashes an air punch.


Pablo Perez fouls Kiyan Nassiri, and the referee points to the spot. Gurpreet jumps correctly again, but Petratos’ force and speed defeat him. Again. Bengaluru FC and ATK Mohun Bagan are back on same footing. The Mariners have one more chance to grab the lead. During a scrum in the penalty area, Bengaluru FC ultimately clears the ball after Petratos collects it and Manvir heads it.

Dimitri Petratos scores again from the penalty spot, bringing ATKMB level. Pablo Perez is to fault this time since he just clipped Kiyan Giri on the edge of the box. The first interaction between Manvir Singh and Kiyan was fantastic give-and-take. This sent the game into overtime.

Following 90 minutes of normal time and 30 minutes of extra time, the game enters extra time with no goals scored. Manvir and Petratos both miss scoring chances!! Sumit Rathi comes off the bench after 27 games! Petratos, Manvir, Liston, and Kiyan all scored in the penalty shootout for the Mariners.

Vishal Kaith, on the other side, prevents Bruno Silva’s squad from scoring, Roy Krishna, Alan Costa, and Sunil Chettri score from penalty kicks, and Pablo Perez loses control of his nerves and hits the crossbar on the final shot.

The Aussie scored three goals on penalty kicks to help the Mariners win the Indian Super League. Petratos took over as ATKMB’s No. 9 in lieu of Roy Krishna, and his decision appears to have paid off.

Starting Lineup

Vishal Kaith, Pritam Kotal, Brendan Hamill, Asish Rai, Subhasish Bose, Carl McHugh, Hugo Boumous, Glan Martins, Ashique Kuruniyan, Manvir Singh, and Dimitri Petratos make up the starting XI of ATK Mohun Bagan.

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Sandesh Jhingan, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Prabir Das, Rohit Kumar, Suresh Wangjam, Naorem Roshan Singh, Javi Hernandez, Bruno Ramires, Roy Krishna, and Sivasakthi Narayanan are the Bengaluru FC’s starting XI.

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