Italian clubs hope Benfica will fail to qualify for UEFA Champions League

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AC Milan won the Serie A and owing to the league triumph secured qualification for UEFA Champions League. Inter Milan, Napoli, and Juventus qualified for the apex European competition as a result of their top 4 finish. Three of the aforementioned clubs are hopeful of a Benfica failure in the qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League.

Reportedly, a total of €600.60 million is to be divided into the qualifiers based on their rankings. The clubs with a higher ranking will receive a better share of the amount. Benfica’s qualification will mean a deduction in the amount due to the two Milan clubs and Napoli.

Benfica is paired opposite the Danish side, Midtjylland for the third qualifying round. However, the Portuguese giants have spoiled the dreams of Italian clubs as they thrashed Midtjylland 4-1 in the first leg of the tie. It is unlikely that the Danish side will be able to overturn the tie.

Italian clubs have underperformed in UEFA Champions League in the last decade

Juventus is the only Italian club that has reached the Semi-Final of the UEFA Champions League since 2012. AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Napoli have all crashed out either in the Group stage or Round of 16 more often than not. Atalanta reached the Quarter Final in the unprecedented COVID-19 hit season.

However, apart from that, the Italian teams have been underwhelming in the competition. Spanish and English teams have dominated in the past decade with 8 out of the last 10 finals involving a Spanish or an English club. There have been four instances in which the final has been an all-Spanish affair or an all-English affair.

This goes to show that the Italian clubs have their work cut out when it comes to European Competitions. Due to the poor performances, Benfica’s qualification will result in a deduction of at least €1 million for each of the three clubs in question.

It seems likely that the clubs will lose out on €1 million as Benfica has a 3-goal advantage over their rivals. Nonetheless, the Italians will hope that the clubs improve their performances in European Competitions in the coming seasons!!!

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