IWL will be postponed by 10 days


Once clubs contact AIFF, the IWL will most likely be postponed by 10 days.

The senior women’s team will play road friendly against Jordan and Uzbekistan on March 22 and March 28, respectively. After a request from the clubs to the All India Football Association, the 2022-23 Indian Women’s League (IWL) is likely to be postponed by 10 days (AIFF).

According to the AIFF schedule, the IWL was due to start on April 15. Nevertheless, with the senior women’s national team travelling for friendlies. And Olympic qualification first-round matches, the clubs have stated that if the competition begins sooner. They would not have enough time to prepare.

AIFF president Kalyan Chaubey and secretary Shaji Prabhakaran met with him On Tuesday. Club officials requested that the IWL be moved to April 25. It was at a meeting with AIFF president Kalyan Chaubey and secretary Shaji Prabhakaran at the club’s offices in New Delhi.

The senior women’s team took on Jordan in away friendlies on March 22. And another will take place on March 28 against Uzbekistan.

Fixed dates of IWL

The players will then join their respective clubs. After competing in first-round Olympic qualifiers in Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan on April 4 and 10, respectively. “They will return to the country only on April 12. So we asked for a few days’ delay, which was granted,” an IWL official present at the meeting told Sports media. The clubs also sought an increase in the number of foreigners, which was accepted, according to an IWL official.

Last season, IWL clubs were allowed to register two foreigners, with one allowed to play on the field. This season, teams have requested that the number of registered overseas players be increased to three. Moreover with two permitted to participate (one from an Asian country).

Because the current season must finish by May 31, the IWL will be a shortened league this year. With 15 teams participating (11 state league champions and the top four teams from previous season). They will be split into two groups. With the top three teams from each group competing in a super-six round to determine the winner.

The fifth edition of IWL (2021-22) was held in Bhubaneswar. It was from April 15 to May 25 last year, following a two-year hiatus due to COVID.

Gokulam Kerala is the current champion.

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