Joshua Kimmich might leave Bayern Munich

Joshua Kimmich

Joshua Kimmich would leave Bayern Munich in order to explore Football outside Deutschland. The German would see himself outside Bavaria after a few more Bundesliga seasons.

Kimmich and Bayern Munich

Kimmich is considered to be one of the greatest defensive midfielders in the modern day. The 27-year-old has played for Stuttgart, RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga apart from Bayern Munich. The passionate midfielder signed for Bayern in 2015 and the rest is history.

Joshua Kimmich enjoyed his time so far with Bayern Munich today. He has clinched the German Championship seven times, the German Cup thrice, the Club World Cup once, and a Champions League medal. He has been very effective as a midfielder and is versatile enough to play right back.

Leaving Bayern Munich

The Champions League winner came out in an interview saying he wouldn’t mind leaving Bavaria to explore the football world outside Germany. He also said he loved his time with Bayern but if the Bundesliga starts to look bleak, Germany’s number 6 will no longer be at the Allianz Arena.

“I’m having a lot of fun here, but somewhere in my mind, there’s always this challenge of one day discovering new horizons,”

the midfielder told So Foot, France.

The dark times in Bayern Munich

Now the world knows him as this amazing anchorman. But when Kimmich arrived at Bayern he was seen as just another scout who may or may not make it to the core team.

Back when Carlo Ancelotti was the Bayern boss, Arturo Vidal and Xabi Alonso booked the midfielder’s place. Firstly, this gave little space for Joshua to prove his talent, and unfortunately thought of leaving the club. Secondly, he thought playing for Bayern wasn’t an option anymore which was a huge drawback.

“Back when I wasn’t playing as much as I would have liked under Ancelotti, I thought about leaving the club,”

the 27-year-old told reporters when asked about his future.

“It was maybe the first time when I realized that there were other teams than Bayern in the world. But then Carlo left. I became a regular starter again, we won everything, and the question never arose again,”

he added.

Kimmich leaving is Bayern’s loss

The German is one of many amazing talents Bayern Munich was able to bring out of the Bundesliga. Finding another player with that talent is not easy.

The versatility that the defender brings with him spells huge market value. With all that said, the Bavarians are lucky to have him for so long and might want to hold on for a few more seasons. Kimmich has scored 20 goals from behind the attack. Above all, he registered 54 assists for the club in the Bundesliga alone.

He boasts 11 assists and 13 assists in all other competitions. These stats are unachievable by some wingers these days. Kimmich has proved to be the right person to don the captain’s armband on some occasions. He would be the right leader to take over Manuel Neuer‘s role when the goalkeeper retires.

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