Juventus can loan out Nicolo Fagioli

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Juventus is trying various options to bring its campaign on track. The I Bianconeri’s hopes got a boost with the return of Paul Pogba. Meanwhile, they are thinking of loaning out young Nicolo Fagioli to some other interested European club.

New home for Juventus FC Nicolo Fagioli

Nicolo Fagioli is a young Italian midfielder who is currently playing for Juventus FC. He was earlier loaned to Serie A club Cremonese FC. The Ig had a great last season with them. He came back this season to Juve. He thought that on the back of his stellar performance last season, he will get preference over other players in the pecking order.

But it did not happen. Juve signed brilliant midfielders such as the Argentine Leandro Paredes and the French Paul Pogba at the start of the season. Juventus coach Max Allegri prefers them over the young Italian. Rubbing salt to his wounds even Fabio Miretti is also above Fagioli in the preferential order, though he was till last season was playing for the Under-19 team until.

Juventus are making this move so that, Fagioli gets more play time at some other club. Since Juventus already has its hands full with great football stars in its line-up, there is no place for the young Nicolo. Importantly, This has been communicated to the Italian and if any club would be interested to have him, I Bianconeri will support him in this move.

For the time being Empoli FC is seen as the most likely destination for Nicolo as they have shown considerable interest in him. The deal can be done this January.

Can Juventus gain back its form?

Juventus is having a tough season. They are failing to produce victories in almost all competitions. This has damaged the solid image that the club had built over the years as champions. In Serie A, they are sitting in the 8th position two points behind Inter Milan. In the UEFA Champions League, they lost against Maccabi Haifa in the round fixture.

Juventus has to start performing again if they want to gain something out of this season. With underwhelming form till now, there is a high possibility that they may not be able to finish in the Top four, thus losing their chance of playing in the Champions League next year.

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