Kickstart FC restart coaching camps for the underprivileged in Bangalore

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More than a year after COVID disrupted regular activity, Kickstart FC are back with their camps. Their program aims to give underprivileged, young, talented players a life through football. They have relaunched the program in 2 of their grounds where they plan to get things running after a difficult year.

The Kickstart Foundation was launched in 2016 and clicked almost immediately within the community. With over 200 children across age-groups of U-10 and U-16, people were surely loving it. The program allows the young buzzing talents to showcase their skills and earn selections to bigger teams.

Players and coaches were given training equipment, footballs and jerseys during the relaunch. Apart from that, the program focuses on healthcare, life skills and nutrition of their recipients. The well-structured program trains kids for 3 days a week in their respective grounds and once every week they are trained at the the club’s training facility. The program will open up in other parts of the city in months to come.

Kickstart FC are building a team for the future

Clubs with the best grassroot programs have the best teams in higher leagues. Kickstart FC have a strong team that play in the BDFA Super Division. They compete against 2nd Division I-League teams such as the Bengaluru FC reserves and FC Bengaluru United. Extensive grassroot programs give players a chance to come up the ranks right from the bottom.

Nikhil Raj is an example of one such talent going all the way. He came up through one of the camps and went on to represent the clubs senior team. After his heroics, he was awarded the BDFA Super Division Best Midfielder award and went on to represent the National team at the U-19 level. This year, he signed for Odisha FC and will play in the Indian Super League.

Football is a team game and unless everyone does their part, nobody wins. When the community works together, the beautiful game is a beauty to watch.

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