Kolkata to host football tournament for the visually impaired

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Kolkata is all set to play host to a football tournament for the blind. The tournament will take place in the month of November It is an initiative by former international footballer Alvito D’cunha who is a football icon in the state. D’cunha, a legend in the legacy of East Bengal Football Club, wants to promote the sport among the visually impaired and specially-abled.

Named after the Bengali term “Khela Hobe” which translates to “Games will happen”, it is sure to open new doors. The term gained popularity during the campaigning for elections by the Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Well thought out indeed.

Alvito D’cunha laid emphasis on the lack of opportunities and misfortune the specially-abled suffer. It only makes it harder for them to take up sports professionally. “Such initiatives should be taken or otherwise, talented people who are visually impaired or specially-abled will never be able to show their talent”.

This initiative gives the specially-abled a platform to express themselves and explore their passion for the beautiful game “football”. And that’s the whole point, growing together as a community while looking out for each other’s needs.


Madan Mitra is an integral part of the initiative and has voiced his concern over the lack of help for visually impaired athletes. “I was the Sports Minister of Bengal. There has not been much done by the GOI for these talented people. I am glad to see an initiative like this to support talent.”- Madan Mitra.

This initiative also promotes equality in society. The tournament advocates for a good cause and provides new opportunities for those who miss out. India requires such initiatives for the development of sports in all platforms.

The performance of the Indian contingent in the Paralympics is proof that players can excel if given the platform to perform. Hence, the upcoming competition is the perfect initiative to provide opportunities.

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