Lack of planning and mismanagement led to the downfall of East Bengal

Stephen Constantine - East Bengal FC

Another ISL season & another disappointment for East Bengal fans. Since its inception in Indian Super League, the 100 years old club of India, East Bengal has failed miserably in the tournament. In the recent 3 editions of the league, the club finished in 9th, 11th, and 10th position in the table. Lack of proper planning, mismanagement, and unprofessionalism of the EB legacy management can be attributed to this downfall. In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons that are responsible for the club’s poor performance in recent times.

1. Unprofessionalism at its top in East Bengal

The tussle between the investors and the club officials has become a common phenomenon at EB club in recent times. Every season same problem arises again and again. The legacy club officials have failed to upgrade themselves with time. As a result, the team is suffering. The off-field problems are putting a negative impact on the team. The East Bengal officials should try to solve the off-field problems as soon as possible. Else this type of horrible performance will continue.

2. Team building at the 11th hour

Every year due to the tussle with the investors, East Bengal is entering the transfer market very late. As a result either they had to pay a hefty transfer fee for an average player or they are getting a player who has past his prime. Sumit Passi, Semboi Haokip, and Ankit Mukherjee are some of the players who were recruited at the last moment because no other better options were available. As a result, the coach is getting a team far inferior in standard than the others.

3. Regressive Coaching of Stephen Constantine

Stephen Constantine is currently using a flat 4-4-2 formation which is obsolete in modern football. Also, his boring long-ball tactics are backfiring due to the unavailability of tall players in the squad. He has no plan B and he looks completely clueless when his team is trailing by a margin of one or two goals. When better options were available, East Bengal officials shouldn’t have gone for Constantine as his tactics are not fit for ISL.

East Bengal FC

4. Lack of quality foreigners in the East Bengal squad

Hiring substandard foreigners is another main reason behind East Bengal’s downfall. The likes of Jordan O Doherty, Ivan, and Kyriacou have failed to live up to the expectations of the fans. Also, the hiring of a completely unfit player like Eliandro will surely put a big question mark on the recruitment team of East Bengal. Immediately East Bengal should try to bring in at least 2 quality foreigners to do something better in the upcoming Super Cup.

5. Too much change in the team every year

East Bengal has changed its entire squad every year. Very few players from the 2020 season are still continuing with the team. This is affecting team bonding and coordination of the team. East Bengal should try to maintain the core nucleus of the team. They should try to retain the likes of Cleiton, Mobashir, Naorem, and other players who have performed well in this season.

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