Messi continues to dominate the Qatar World Cup this year

Exclusive to Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi knew a change was necessary. The Argentine found French football surprisingly challenging in his first season, which is odd to say now, especially given how simple Ligue 1 is for Paris Saint-Germain generally. He struggled with physicality. Lionel Messi just wasn’t used to the seriousness of the difficulties.

It significantly lowered his entire game. His crew saw that his metrics were all drastically off. He didn’t participate much in the game. Those who knew him said it was “the worst season of his career.”

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However if Messi didn’t rise to the occasion, he wouldn’t be Messi. Given the upcoming World Cup, he couldn’t just leave it at that and head to Inter Miami. Since 2014, Messi and his squad have opted to make the most significant changes to his training regimen.

Coincidentally, he had a few fantastic performances during that year’s World Cup, but overall, he wasn’t the Messi we are used to. The Messi World Cup wasn’t what it ought to have been: totally Messi. He made a move, and when Barcelona won another triple in 2014–15, he ended up providing career-best play. One may argue that he is currently operating at a level comparable.

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Messi has been dominating this year in all football formats

The Argentine does appear to be enjoying the national team on a much deeper level right now. was formerly for being “silent” in front of the team and for “leading by the example of his performance.” That has also altered. has evolved into a very loud player who frequently roars his inspiration in the locker room. He has even faced disciplinary action for some of his media remarks due to it.

Many inside the Argentine camp think that’s something that manager Lionel Scaloni has pushed out more. The former international has establish an emotional connection with the group. Which has only been strengthen by the way he has figured out the perfect lineup for what he has.

Let’s hope with this form and this Argentine squad lift’s his first World cup in his career.

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