Liverpool manager speaks of the chemistry between Nunez-Mac Allister


Jurgen Klopp has provided insights into the blossoming friendship between Alexis Mac Allister and Darwin Nunez of Liverpool. These two South American players have developed a strong bond since Mac Allister’s arrival from Brighton during the summer.

During his pre-Luton Town press conference this morning, Klopp mentions that the Argentinian player has been assisting his Uruguayan teammate. That is in comprehending English instructions.

Liverpool manager said: “We have an extra on-field player, so far it was always Ali, the translator [for Nunez] if you want. But now we have Macca and they are really close with each other and Macca is a super smart footballer. So, if I forget something to tell him, Macca tells him anyway.”

Since Mac Allister’s signing this summer, it has been evident that Klopp holds a substantial admiration for the World Cup winner. In many respects, this is to be expected, as he was actively involved in bringing him to the club.

Liverpool manager has a healthy relation with Mac Allister

Yet, there appears to be something more to it. Much like Jurgen’s relationship with Adam Lallana, it seems that the manager genuinely values Mac Allister’s footballing and emotional intelligence. The Argentina international has even shared an anecdote about how his teammates affectionately teased him for being ‘Klopp’s son’ when he played under the manager following the September international break.

Even though it’s still early in their partnership, it’s evident that Jurgen highly values having Mac Allister at the club. The fact that the 24-year-old can assist in relaying messages to Nunez is certainly a valuable asset. While it’s not ideal that Darwin may not fully comprehend Klopp’s instructions, having someone who can bridge that communication gap is a significant advantage.

Undoubtedly, the close relationship with Mac Allister will be beneficial, and it might not be a coincidence that Nunez’s form has surged since Alexis became a part of the team. With time, their bond will likely strengthen further. Hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity to witness their combined success at Liverpool for many years ahead.

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