Manuel Neuer listening to his body when it comes to his career

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Manuel Neuer believes that he still can play more at the high level. In an interview with the news outlet WELT, the Bayern Munich captain said that he wants to play the game as long as he enjoys it.

The German goalkeeper is one of the best players of his time. A player who has reinvented his position, Manuel Neuer is often considered the ideal modern-day sweeper keeper. Fearless to have the ball at his feet, one could see Neuer play higher up the field than any other keepers for both Bayern and Germany.

Neuer overcame the criticism he faced 2 years ago at Bayern

Yet two years ago, Neuer was going through one of the toughest times in his career. The Bayern Munich star was in a slump, not hitting the heights he earlier had. Injuries also played a part in it as his shot-saving ability seems to take a hit alongside it. Fans and Critics alike even called for Neuer to be replaced in both Bayern as well as the German national team.

Neuer seems to have replied to all his doubters. His performance improved, proving that form is temporary while class is permanent. He led the Bayern squad to a historic treble in the 2019/20 campaign and followed it by completing the sextuple. This helped him to secure the best European Goalkeeper award that season, a testament to his abilities.

The German is 35 now and knows that his time remaining at the highest level is limited. In the interview, Neuer made it clear that he doesn’t want to drag himself through a season.

“You have to listen to your body, health is a big factor. It is difficult to give an age (for retirement)”

Neuer wants to listen to his body and take in the cues from it. This means that he won’t be risking to play through knocks and slight injuries, for his longevity. For now, his mind is at leading the German national side to the Euro 2020. With a tough group involving France and Portugal on the horizon, Neuer will have to bring his A-game this summer.

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