Martin Tylen picks his favourite ever commentary moment and its not Aguero’s winner

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Martin Tyler is one of the most famous voices in British football broadcasting. The 78-year-old has commentated on plenty of memorable games over the years. Moreover, in some cases, his commentary has become a part of how people remember the on-field action.

One such incident was Aguero’s last-gasp title-winning goal on the final day of the 2011/12 season. Manchester City scored 2 goals in extra-time in the last game of the season to win the Premier League title. Tyler’s call of Aguero’s winner is arguably the most famous piece of commentary in Premier League history.

Martin Tyler says that the Manchester City game wasn’t his favourite one

When asked on the Sunday Edition on talkSPORT what his favourite game of his career has been, the veteran broadcaster admitted that the Man City game isn’t his favourite. Instead, he prefers Liverpool‘s dramatic 4-3 win against Newcastle in April 1996.

Martin Tyler replied when being asked about the favourite game of his career: “The first of the Liverpool 4 Newcastle 3’s. The one ending with Kevin Keegan draped over the side of the advertising hoarding and ‘Collymore closing in’.”

Collymore had scored a 92nd minute winner to snatch the win for Liverpool. The result ended up costing Newcastle the title.

‘It was better, even better. It had everything’ – Tyler on the Liverpool v Newcastle game

Martin Tyler revealed, “During the pandemic, Sky Sports ran it again, and I had one of my children with me who has heard me banging on about the game and has never seen it. So we sat down and I remember thinking it wouldn’t be as good as I remembered because that’s the way it goes. It was better, even better. It had everything. From Liverpool scoring early, and then not leading again until Stan scored in added time, it was a brilliant match.

“Both were going for the title and neither of them won it, so there was a bit of frustration at the end of it.”

Man City fans might be surprised, but Liverpool’s dramatic win and the commentary of Martin Tyler in that match will live long in the memory of anyone who watched the early years of the Premier League.

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