Mohammedan, East Bengal to play against Malta National Team

East Bengal FC

Get ready for a thrilling football game! Two fantastic teams, Mohammedan and East Bengal, are going to play against a special team from Malta. It’s going to be a fun time for everyone!

The players will run, pass, and kick the ball with skill in a big stadium. Mohammedan and East Bengal have practiced a lot to get ready for this match. They want to show how good they are!

The Malta National Team has come from far away to play with our teams. They’re excited to meet new friends and have a friendly game.

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During the match, the players will run fast like cheetahs, pass the ball like wizards, and try to score goals like champions. The team with the most goals will be the winner!

You can watch this amazing game too! Sit with your friends and family, and cheer for your favorite team. Football is about having fun and being kind to each other, no matter who wins.

These players are like superheroes, showing us how to work together and be good sports. Let’s learn from them and play nicely with our friends too!

So, mark your calendar and don’t miss Mohammedan and East Bengal as they play against Malta. It will be a day full of excitement and joy. Go, teams, go! Have a wonderful time!


In a historic and momentous event for Indian football, two of the country’s most renowned football clubs, Mohammedan Sporting Club and East Bengal, have been invited to play a friendly exhibition match against the Malta National Team. The match, set to take place in Malta’s capital, Valletta, is generating significant excitement in both nations and is seen as a significant step towards promoting footballing ties between India and Malta.

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