Mykhailo Mudryk criticized despite his winning goal against Newcastle

Mykhaylo Mudryk

Mykhailo Mudryk showcased his brilliance in Chelsea colors on Tuesday night when he secured a crucial goal. Thus, propelling his side to the League Cup semi-final. His stoppage-time goal extended the encounter against Newcastle United to extra time. Thus, ultimately leading to a penalty shootout victory for Mauricio Pochettino’s men.

Instead of receiving praise for his efforts, Mykhailo Mudryk appears to be facing criticism from various quarters. Including comments from Harry Redknapp in the lead-up to the match between Liverpool and West Ham United on Wednesday night.

In his analysis of Chelsea’s victory, the former Premier League boss asserted that Mykhailo Mudryk’s poor positional play played a role in him capitalizing on Kieran Trippier’s mistake.

Harry Redknapp further commented that Mykhailo Mudryk ‘doesn’t know the game’. And thus emphasized that he is a player who needs to develop further.

What did Rednkapp say about Mykhailo Mudryk?

Redknapp specifically said: “Chelsea broke them down in the end because the left winger was in a position he shouldn’t have been in.”

“He done it from the cross before. He was stood out wide when he should have been attacking that back post. Looking to get in and fighting Trippier for that inside space. He didn’t do it. But he ends up benefiting from a mistake from Kieran Trippier.”

This could potentially be a significant moment for the player in his Chelsea career and for the club as a whole, considering the recent 18 months marked by a notable decline.

Despite the substantial financial investments made, there have been few indications that the team and the club are on a path of progress. The past 18 months have seemingly seen backward steps. However, Mykhailo Mudryk’s performance could potentially serve as a pivotal moment for both the player and the club. Thus, offering hope for positive strides forward, including for manager Mauricio Pochettino.

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