Neymar victim of racist insults by Marseille defender Alvaro Gonzàlez

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In a match, between Paris-Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille Alvaro Gonzàlez hurled racial abuse at Neymar, which resulted in a rivalry between the two players.

Neymar complained to the referee of receiving racist insults from the defender. After the match, the Brazilian publicly expressed his anger at the officials for not taking any actions. Later on, both the players had a Twitter feud.

This fallout has been widely commented on by the football world and continues to create tensions. In effect, weeks after the match, Gonzàles expressed his concerns about this altercation and its consequences. The Marseille player spoke at a press conference this week.

To me, personally, that was really difficult. Things have happened that go beyond the athlete, and if the season has been difficult for all the players here, it has been even more difficult for me”.

Is the tension between Neymar-Alvaro over?

Alvaro Gonzàles has said that he received threats and his contact number had been leaked on social media. After this episode, the Spanish player had complained about Neymar’s behaviour and claimed it to be unprofessional. The Iberic player also clarified the situation and his convictions:

“When you talk about racism, homophobia, these are serious things. I was always stressed, but I tried to do the best for the team, for the club, to leave these problems aside and concentrate; everyone supported me. In Marseille, there are a thousand different nationalities living together; you cannot be racist and live here!”

Currently, Neymar and Alvaro look like they ignore each other. However, the trace of their bickering is still accessible on Twitter. They will play against each other in due time. Finally, we can wonder if these tensions between Neymar and Alvaro will show during their next match.

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