Player Profile:- Ryan Williams, the one to pair up with Curtis Main

Bengaluru FC has set the stage for an electrifying season as they proudly announce the signing of Australian attacker Ryan Williams and English striker Curtis Main. These dynamic additions are set to reshape the team’s attacking prowess, bringing fresh energy and experience to the squad.

Ryan Williams, the exciting Australian talent, has joined the Blues on a one-year deal, with an option for another year. Hailing from Perth; Williams has showcased his skills across clubs in both Australia and England. Having been part of Australia’s U20 and U23 teams and even earning caps for the Socceroos, Williams’ journey is nothing short of impressive. His move to Bengaluru FC is driven by the club’s ambitious vision, which aligns perfectly with his own aspirations. Williams is excited to contribute his talents to the team and is already feeling at home with the warm welcome from the club and its supporters.

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Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams is a super flexible player who has learned and gotten really good at soccer in different places. He started playing at Perth Redstar FC and then went to England to join Portsmouth Academy. He played at Fulham and also went to other teams on a temporary basis like Gillingham; Oxford United, and Barnsley. At Barnsley, he helped the team move up to a higher level in 2016. Ryan is fast, has a strong winning mindset, and knows a lot from his experience, which will help Bengaluru FC score goals.

Curtis Main is a cool soccer player from England who has just joined Bengaluru FC. He will be here for a year, and if things go well, he can stay longer. Curtis is great at scoring goals and being present on the field. He started playing soccer when he was young at Sunderland AFC. Then, he played for other teams like Middlesborough, Doncaster Rovers, and Portsmouth. He helped Portsmouth become better and go up a level. Recently, he played for St Mirren and scored many goals there too. Curtis Main’s skills and hard work will really help Bengaluru FC do better in their matches.

Ryan Williams pair with Curtis Main

Simon Grayson, the Blues’ Head Coach, expressed his enthusiasm for both signings; praising Williams’ versatility and Main’s hardworking spirit. Darren Caldeira, Bengaluru FC’s Director of Football; highlighted Williams’ character and mentality that will enrich the dressing room and contribute to the team’s goal of adding more goals to their tally.

The duo’s arrival adds a new dimension to Bengaluru FC’s attack, with Williams and Main prepared to light up the field and create unforgettable moments for the passionate fanbase. As preparations kick off at the Inspire Institute of Sport, the Blues’ faithful can look forward to witnessing this dynamic pairing in action, eager to see the goals flow and the excitement rise in the upcoming season.

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